VHAL Goals

Whether members of the assistance league attend regular board meetings or help organize our many fundraisers, there are always goals and accomplishments we are striving for in the name of our veterans. 

In the past, we have raised money for several special events, holiday celebrations and activities that bring joy and a sense of involvement into the lives of the Veterans at the Cameron Veterans Home. In the most recent years, we've been honored to provided several modes of transportation for outings and trips, including a wheelchair accessible van and large passenger bus. These vehicles allow our Veterans to attend sporting events, family outings, shopping trips and community events.

Our ultimate goal is to constantly provide a high quality of life for veterans and their families.  For every fundraiser, donation and event that we are a part of, we give 100 percent of our efforts and proceeds back to the Veterans so that they can experience the benefits of a satisfying and fulfilling life that they deserve.