Giving Back to Veterans

A Nursing Home at The Assistance League Gives Back Service to Veterans In Cameron, Missouri and Betters the Lives of the Elderly

At the Veterans Home Assistance League in Cameron, Missouri, we make sure to offer help to the veterans that have risked their lives to serve and protect the country that we live in with full-fledged freedom—the United States of America.

Our service members also originate from military positions and the women and men who run the nursing home facility in Cameron are trained, experienced and certified.

Each member ensures loyalty, reliability, and attentive care directed towards the vets who have served in the past.

As we get older, our everyday routine gets more complicated. Easy responsibilities such as making our own food or driving to doctor appointments can often seem like a chore or may become dangerous, considering many factors involved.

Basic necessities need to be met in order to provide a serene and comfortable life for everyone; life for an elderly vet may seem impossible at times, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are a number of reasons why vets lives are better once they receive the nursing home help that they need at the Assistance League in Cameron, Missouri:

  1. Veterans can receive home cooked meals once they decide to opt-in to our services; this can help satiate a mind and body and will certainly be a healthy experience.
  2. We are a go-to resource that is able to match veterans hobbies and likes to activities; we aim to optimize the well-being of each vet that seeks help from our organization.
  3. We understand that some veterans may be battling ongoing PTSD and we offer care for this specific condition.
  4. With the best medical care around, we also help keep veterans and their wellness in check.
  5. We ensure everyone is comfortable and enjoys their experience at the Veterans Home Assistance League in Cameron, Missouri.
  6. Getting from here to there may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be anymore, as our military service members will drive elderly vets to doctors appointments and back to their point of origin.
  7. The nursing home at the Assistance League will listen to all requests each veteran has; we aim to meet the requests of each and every veteran’s voice. Everyone deserves to be heard and we never leave a single soldier behind.
  8. We aid vets in finding financial support.
  9. We began our organization through charitable donations and this is why we are able to offer vets recreational activities, medical options, meals, and help with resourceful information to better the lives of the elderly veterans.

We are a 501(c) (3) charitable organization, run by military service men and women. Our top goal is to aid the care of elderly veterans that need assistance with various life tasks and nursing home services.

The nursing home is open to those who are proud to have served our country. Vets can enjoy community involvement, festivals, parades, sporting events, and concerts. We also provide access to technology resources and media subscriptions.

For more information regarding the Assistance League in Cameron, Missouri click here to learn more about what other vets say about our services, help, and care.

Aiming to better the lives of all vets who took it upon their own account to fight and protect the freedom that we live in.

Call us at816-632-6010 for insightful information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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