Cameron Veterans Assistance League

The Assistance League In Cameron, Missouri Offers A Nursing Home Served to Veterans—Thank You for Your Service!

We are a team of military service men and women at the Cameron Veterans Assistance League in Missouri. We serve those who served our country and we believe that veterans all over deserve to be taken care of not only in younger years but in their elderly years. It is simple, you take care of us and our freedom, we take care of you; no questions asked. 

We offer nursing home services to veterans and provide activities and care for all individuals who sacrificed their lives for freedom in the United States of America.

Our team is always honored to serve all veterans who need assistance in the Cameron, Missouri area.

There are plenty of benefits for veterans at the Assistance League, some of which include:

  • We offer home cooked meal plans (eating a healthy well-rounded meal keeps vets comfortable and satisfied).
  • We help veterans pair their interests with resourceful, enjoyable, productive, and relaxing activities.
  • We specifically tailor our approach per individual (remember, staying active and social helps everyone’s physical and mental states).
  • High-quality medical care is also provided to our vets.
  • Transportation to and from doctor’s appointments is another service that we offer.
  • Individual requests can be made from our vets, and we will make sure to accommodate each veteran, every step of the way.

We want every veteran to relish in the finer things in life, and this is what we provide; a place that takes care of those who once took care of us and our families.

Our military service men and women have a number one mission in mind— striving to better the lives of aging veterans.

We are a 501(c) (3) charitable organization. Our nursing home makes sure to meet the needs of men and women vets, through dedication and high-quality care and understanding.

The Assistance League offers services that enrich the lives of veterans and helps everyone feel better about the assistance that is out there.

The League also:

  • Helps elderly PTSD veterans with care.
  • Our military service men and women will be sure to help you find financial help if you are in need of assisted living; there’s help out there, and we never leave any veteran behind.
  • If vets are on the market for a dog, we help with this too. Dogs are known to calm our mental and physical state, past research and common knowledge have proven this point. 

If you are a veteran that may need assistance, then be sure to give the Assistance League in Cameron, Missouri a call at 816-632-6010, and we will assist you the way you deserve to be treated—with loyalty, bravery, dedication, and pride.

Click here to learn more about the Assistance League and all of the important reasons veterans should seek our assistance if you are in the area.

When it comes to activities, we offer plenty, elderly vets will always be occupied with local festivals, fairs, parades and sporting events.

Not only will we enhance daily routines, but we will also make sure to safely guide veterans in the right direction to ensure every vet is living their best life after serving in the military. Getting older doesn’t have to be a solo experience that you have to handle alone. We are here for you. Thank you for your service! 

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